Technical Support Service Agreement (T.S.S.A.)

Technical Support Service Agreement (T.S.S.A.) describes the minimum guaranteed service levels provided to Mr.CAD users.

Important: The automatic translated version of this document to a language different than English, can have errors in the translation, therefore, only the English version of this document is the official one. In case of discrepancies please use a professional translator.


1.1 InGeomatics provides online support to the users of Mr.CAD Professional (Version 7), and Mr.CAD – Stand Alone. Previous versions of these products must be upgraded to receive support.
The InGeomatics technical support helps to settle problems outlined in this document according to the established Service Agreement.
1.2 Before you address your question to the technical support service, you should study all the reference information available in product documentation and online FAQ.
1.3 The technical support cannot resolve problems that concern the maintenance of a third party companies and their software products.
1.4 Technical support requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. InGeomatics reserves right to assign different priority level for each support request.
1.5 The problem resolving period depends on problem complexity and the potential need to handle the request over to the development department.
1.5.1 Problems that cannot be resolved in the context of the current software version are sent to the InGeomatics development department, which means that the fix will be included in the subsequent update. The planned term of the software update release is defined during the problem diagnostics respecting the general software development plan. The technical support service cannot guarantee the fixed problem-solving period.
1.6 The response period depends on the current tech support service workload and usually takes less time than stated in the regulations. In most times, a problem is resolved immediately upon the receipt of a request or additional information from a client.
1.6.1 Users with valid tech support. These are users of the current version of our software.
The maximum response time is 48 hours on business days.
1.6.2 Non-User Support: This support level is assigned to users of demo versions.
The maximum response time is 72 hours on business days.


2.1 Tech support request can be created in any of the following ways:
– by using the Bugs Report form at the site.
– by sending an e-mail to
2.2 Assistance will normally be available from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM UTC-4, Monday through Friday. Requests can be submitted on-line or by e-mail 24 hours a day.
2.3 Tech support request should include:
– Correct registered user information (customer id)
– The software name and full version number.
– The problem description and the step-by-step procedure to reproduce the error (if possible).
– When sending a support request via the e-mail, you can include screen-shots and other images that can help to identify and resolve the problem.
Tech support staff could ask for additional information like log reports or configuration settings.
2.4 The following reasons can delay or abort consultancy:
– A problem cannot be reproduced using similar hardware configuration.
– A user cannot give enough information required to resolve the problem.
– The problem requires custom improvements or unplanned update.
– A user carries out actions that break end user license agreement (EULA) or technical requirements for installation and use of our products; exceeds the allowed number of software installations, etc.
– Usage of unlicensed copies of Mr.CAD.
– The question is beyond the tech-support service scope.
– The question is incorrect or the client’s replies are inadequate, which causes delays in consultancy because additional information on the request is delayed.
2.5 The following issues are beyond the technical support scope:
– We do not consult on general principles of engineering or architecture.
– We do not implement custom, user defined logic and algorithms.
– We do not diagnose user software components.
– We do not develop custom components.
– We do not make customized versions of program components.
– We never modify the existing code to adopt them for specific tasks, unless such modifications are in some way connected with essential bug fixes.


3.1 Technical support and updates includes:
All program updates released for the acquired version during his life period.
3.2 In case of total computer loss as a result of theft, fire or any other similar incident, license replacement will be issued only if your registered version is the current version, and if appropriate document which describes this incident is provided. If your registered version is NOT the current version, an upgrade will be required.
3.3 Each user is entitled to free online technical support for a limited period of time from the ordering date. The length this period of online tech support is defined for life of the acquired version and/or the life of this website.
3.4 User may continue to use acquired version after tech support lapses. However, he will no longer be entitled to tech support benefits listed in 3.1
3.4.1 Tech support and updates can be extended at any time by upgrading his license.
3.5 Users are notified about new updates and fixes via email, or this website.
3.5.1 By default, each user is subscribed to Mr.CAD newsletter. User can unsubscribe at any time by email request.
3.6 Unique activation serial number is compiled for each user. InGeomatics is not keeping backup copies of serial numbers delivered to users.
3.6.1 Only the latest build is used for compilation of the current version. Users should always make a backup copy of Mr.CAD product as InGeomatics will not be able to provide old versions of the product on request.
3.6.2 New builds are not always fully compatible with previous releases. This is why all changes are listed in appropriate document which should be closely reviewed before installing and using latest build.
InGeomatics reserves the right to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of this T.S.S.A. without notice or liability. Any changes to this T.S.S.A. shall be effective immediately following the posting of such changes on InGeomatics website.