Antivirus compatible with Mr.CAD

Some Antivirus are NOT compatible with MrCAD security features, and can cause many problems. So, here I posted a list of Antivirus that can work with Mr.CAD without any problems.

Antivirus that works with any version of Mr.CAD without any problem:

  1. Avast
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Windiows Defender
  4. Windows Firewall
  5. AVG – works with Mr.CAD PE v.7 and Mr.CAD SA3.

Antivirus that works but need configuration:

  1. Norton
  2. McAfee
  3. Bitdefender

Antivirus that are NOT compatible with Mr.CAD v.6 or older:

  1. AVG

Some Antivirus are NOT compatible with Safenet security features, and can cause many problems to run Mr.CAD. If you are experimenting difficulties, we strongly recommended to Upgrade.

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