CAD software for FREE!

The economic system in which we are living is not easy to pay thousands of dollars for a CAD software. That’s why there are many who come to pirated programs. But beware! Most, if not all, contain viruses. Some of them can do a lot of damage to your computer and your privacy. Unfortunately these viruses work silently. When you realizes it is because the damage is already done. Remember that in our time there nothing is really free. When they say that is for free, etc, there is something hidden behind. Especially when the offer seems very tempting, or comes from a country that does not respect others. Before installing a pirated program, you should inspect it with a strong antivirus. There are some “partially free” like the AVG that you can use it for testing purposes. You will realize that the risk is great. Recommendation: Some design programs have the advantage of being able to use them for a grace period. Use it to raise funds and acquire your legal license of the design program you want. Work smarter, work with Mr.CAD.