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When I try to use AutoCAD with Mr.CAD, the Notepad opens Load.vbs file

Problem When I try to run AutoCAD with Mr.CAD, the Notepad open a file Load.vbs Cause The file association for that kind of file somehow is changed. Solution Install the latest version.

When I run AutoCAD, I don’t see Mr.CAD Toolbars or ribbons

During the initial configuration of AutoCAD, the new Mr.CAD Tool (ribbon system) are selected by default. If you prefer to use normal ribbons or toolbars, you must change that configuration. Just use the command: DV:TOOLBARS and make your selection. If Read More …

How to change between ribbons, toolbar, Mr.CAD tools and/ or combination

Just type this command: DV:TOOLBARS and make your selection.

What can I do if Mr.CAD stops working?

Some suggestions: Try to find why stopped working: Did I installed recently a new program? An antivirus? My antivirus made an upgrade recently? If my license of Mr.CAD uses a HASP Key, Is the key inserted in the USB port? If Read More …

How to remove existing installations of Mr.CAD

If the installed program is a recent version, simply by using the Add / Remove programs from the Windows Control Panel. But if the program is a older version, you have to use the removal tool from the original CD. Note for Read More …

How to install (MrCAD.ctb) pen styles

MrCAD.ctb file is located inside Mr.CAD folder: C:\Dvptools7. Just open the plot style manager in AutoCAD, and copy (drag & drop) the file from Mr.CAD folder, into AutoCAD plot style manager window.

Mr.CAD PE stop working when I open more than one drawing

Issue If you open the first drawing Mr.CAD PE works fine, no problem at all. But when I open another drawing, Mr.CAD is not loading his functions, and stop working. Cause Probably the problem is that the ACADLSPASDOC variable is Read More …

AutoCAD Shell Active windows appears when I try to use any external commands

If you try to use any external command of Mr.CAD in AutoCAD when you open the drawing in a network folder, you will see the following message:’\\network\folders’ CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory. UNC paths Read More …